Fun-Adventure Games
Game Image Game Title Game Description Game Image Game Title Game Description
The Lost Bride The Lost Bride Find the bride and take her to the church. Before the pink fog shadows your mind, make sure you memorized the road carefully, because if you take the wrong way, you'll get dirty and you can't go to the church in a dirty suit! Hurry up, do not let theRobinson Hotel Robinson Hotel You are Miss Cathy, the manager at the Robinson Hotel. Your goal is to meet each day's objectives by satisfying your customers.
Love Calculator Love Calculator Have you got a crush on someone? Or how do you know you and your cutie will get on just fine? How about finding it out with the love calculator? All you need to do is to type the names of you guys to check it out!Family Flights Family Flights Can you keep all your passengers happy? We wish you a pleasant flight with Farraway Flights! How to play:Play the game with your mouse. Select items by clicking on them or move Shirley around by clicking on passengers or anywhere else onboard.
Climbing For Love Climbing For Love Description:Time is short, but your love is strong--climb your way up to prove it! How to play Climbing for Love:Use the left and right arrows to switch sides of the poles and jump between poles.Bubble Shooter Bubble Shooter The goal is to clean the bubbles off the field.
Sue Find Your Love Sue Find Your Love Link Sue and friends to the cute guys at the other side of the screen. Rotate the pipes in a way that link all of the pink hearts together in order for you to complete a level. Shouldn't be too hard for you:)PinkyInPark PinkyInPark PinkyInPark is a puzzle game of a little Girl reaching balloon placed in the garden.
Sue's Garden Sue's Garden Have fun in Sue's flower nursery! Let's get started right away. First, dig a hole on the ground with a shovel and put some seeds into it. Secondly, you must water the seeds well. You either use the watering can or apply some magic potion. Although thRoom Fit For A Princess Room Fit For A Princess This must be every little girl's dream house! You have a luxurious couch, bed, coffee table and even a royal pet!
Kakato Otoshi Kakato Otoshi Hit the "bricks" on their center or the woman will become off balance.Room Challenge Room Challenge Test your memory in this game. In the beginning, you get to take a peak at the position of the cards. Flip the right pair of cards that have the same picture. The more cards you match, the more points you could earn for decorating your new room!
Bratz Love Meter Bratz Love Meter Are you a compatible with your cutie or the sweet lookin guy that sits beside you in class? Wonder no more cuz you can check it out with Bratz Love Meter. All you have to do is to type in both of your name and his and get an instant answer!Bratz Pixiez Fortune Bratz Pixiez Fortune Bratz Pixiez Fortune: Get your fortune of the day told in an instant. Just click on the glittering flower to begin. Good luck!
Sue Cheerleader Challenge Sue Cheerleader Challenge Sue's into cheer-leading in this game! Sue must remember and imitate her rival's moves correctly. Once your rival finish her moves, click and hold onto the icons on the right and drag them to the empty boxes at the bottom of the screen. Click on theCute Vampire Kisses Cute Vampire Kisses Cute Vampire Kissing
Meet My Valentine Meet My Valentine A valentines spot the difference adventures!Click on the differences between the two pictures before your time runs out.Bunny Bonbon Bunny Bonbon Get ready to Bomp in this truly unique switching game with a stomping beat. Match rows of Bomps of the same colour to clear them away in this addictive puzzle game. Beware of the ticking bombs and use the Star-Bombs to create Amazing special combinat
Candy Copter Candy Copter Candy Copter is a funny little helicopter game, with cute cartoon style graphics. Grab candies for points, while avoiding the walls! Enemies will get in your way, but there are power-ups to help you when the flying gets tough!Balloon-Headed Boy Balloon-Headed Boy For more of Balloon Headed Boy visit or follow him at Balloon Headed Boys Birthday, and the King of the Balloons has arranged a huge party for him at Balloon Castle.However, the night before